The Next Big Thing in Bags and Backpacks

The utility of bags and backpack has tremendously evolved over time, changing the way consumers carry essentials. Decades ago, when modest bags and backpack were primarily used to carry items, no one ever thought there would come advanced backpacks with optimized functionality and smart features. With consumers looking for functionality, comfort, style, and contemporary features in bags and backpack, brand new trends are emerging like never before. Old trends that rocked the 60s’ are also making a comeback as well. The constant factor even as new trends come and go is that people are looking for trendy bags and backpack that offer ultimate functionality, style, and comfort. Backpack designers are constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create products that match the demands of the consumers. As a result, there are many big trends to expect in the next few years.
The following are some of the next big things to expect in bags and backpacks.
Smart backpacks
Bags and backpack designers are looking for practical ways to incorporate technology in backpacks. The current bags and backpacks will sooner than later become a thing of the past. Smart bags and backpack are the next big thing to expect in the outdoor industry, bringing an end to the days when your phone battery dies or those boring hiking trips when you can’t access the internet or listen to your favorite music.
Smart bags and backpack will incorporate a solar panel and a Wi-Fi sharing hub, allowing you to stay powered and stream your favorite videos while on the go. They will also come with an inbuilt wireless mobile hard drive that allows you to access files from a remote location. Smart bags and backpacks will also come with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play your favorite music while on the go.
Bags and backpacks will soon incorporate built-in tracking devices to allow users to locate them in case they misplace them. The same way you can track your phone or car, smart features will soon make it easy for users to track their bags and backpack when they’re stolen, snatched, or if you forget where you placed it. This feature will prove handy to parents who want to track their kids for safety purposes.
Smart bags and backpacks will also feature emergency light signals for improved safety. The advanced bags will be equipped with LED chips that project light on the bag or backpack, alerting you when there’s a person behind you. You can also use this feature as a source of light. This feature will improve the usability of backpacks, especially at night. Besides, the light signals can be seamlessly controlled through your smartphone.
Smart bags and backpacks will solve the common inconvenience of forgetting to pack some items or locating items. Bag designers are working on a feature that will help users to track items whenever they’re missing from their bags or backpack. They will come with smart cards that you can attach to the items you usually put in your bag. The smart card will vibrate to notify you when you’ve forgotten an item.

Ultra-sleek backpack
Ultra-sleek bags and backpacks are certainly the next big thing you can expect in the near future. The bags and backpacks will incorporate incredible design features that will make them the best choice for modern on-the-go travelers and just about anyone looking for a bag for carrying essentials. They will also feature a durable design, making them handy for the outdoors. Essentially, ultra-sleek bags and backpack can be used anywhere, whether you’re hiking, at work, or shopping for a few items. They will have smart storage and hidden pockets where you can put your wallets and important documents. Better yet, they will include a memory flash drive, a Wi-Fi sharing hub, and a flexible solar panel, allowing users to charge their devices wherever they are. These bags and backpack will as well feature finished scratch-proof leather for durability. Ultra-sleek bags and backpacks will be a product designed for backpackers who love the finer things in life.

Vintage-inspired bags and backpacks
While many thought that vintage-inspired bags were becoming extinct, the timeless classics are making a huge comeback and will be the next big thing in bags and backpack. Heritage pieces are returning with textured leather, structured silhouettes, and flap shoulder bags. Vintage-inspired bags are sure to appeal to consumers who are looking for the ‘60s vibe.

Geometric shapes
Novelty shapes are emerging as the newest bag and backpack trend. From unusual rectangular bags to circles and trapezes, these artistic, lust-worthy pieces are a whimsical style to look out for. More distinct shapes are expected to become prominent as more people seek to express individual personality.

Utility bags
There’s an increased demand for bags and backpacks that offer function and convenience. As a result, hands-free trends like the belt-bag are becoming a wardrobe staple for the modern consumer. Although the belt bag was originally a street-style for young people, it's fast becoming a popular trend for a sophisticated audience thanks to its chic practicality. The preference for utility bags offering comfort and style has also elevated multi-pocketed silhouettes. Most consumers seem to gain favor with bold pieces in saturated hues.

Animal prints and textures
The animal print trend is already prominent, and it’s set to continue taking new twists in the future. Future bags and backpack will combine a mix of animal prints such as snakeskin leather, crocodile-embossed leather, leopard spots, and tiger stripes to create classic styles and bring a fresh look to the existing animal prints.
With the improved creativity of bag designers, we expect more advanced bags and backpacks with enhanced retro styles, abstract patterns, colors of camouflage, and multi-pockets for the latest technology
As bags and backpacks have become a necessity for people on-the-go, it has opened limitless imagination for bag designers. Therefore, the future of bags and backpacks is indeed promising as designers seek to blend functionality with design, comfort with luxury. If you're a tech-savvy person or an outdoors person who loves fine bags and backpack, be on the lookout because great bags and backpacks are on the way.

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