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Colorado-based Backpack Company incorporates charity in a business model.
Are you looking for a convenient way to give back as you travel the world? A Colorado-based backpack company has incorporated an element of charity in their backpacks to allow backpackers to contribute to charity. Adventurist Backpack Company- a local backpack company in Colorado, is making backpacks that provide a fantastic traveling experience and at the same time allowing you to make an impact in society. Co-founded by Kelly Belknap and Matilda Sandstrom, The Company is among the few backpack startups that have incorporated charity in their business model.
According to the co-founders, the inspiration for this noble business model comes from their travel experience around the world, whereby they would pack meals into their backpacks and give them to those in need. “Each morning, we would pack meals into our bags and give them to anyone that was in need,” says Belknap, a co-founder of the Company. These acts of kindness to those in need inspired Belknap and Sandstrom to come up with a way to introduce a charitable element to their business. Now, this Colorado-based company allows you to make an impact as you explore the world.
When you purchase any of their backpacks, the company donates 25 meals. The company targets to donate 250, 000 meals by the end of this year.
According to Belknap, the company is dedicated to making a great product while making a greater impact in the community.
“Every company has a responsibility to promote social welfare and conserve the environment,” Belknap said.” Entrepreneurs should embrace a charitable cause and help to solve social problems.”
The Start-up provides a versatile product for anyone who needs a backpack and wants to give back to the community.

Bob Charland “The Bike Man” collecting backpacks for the homeless population in Western Massachusetts

Bob Charland, also known as “The Bike Man," is collecting and distributing backpacks and warm gear to the homeless in Western Massachusetts. With the cold weather almost here, Bob is seeking to protect the underprivileged from the harsh elements. The drive will take place at 111 Lyman Street, Springfield, where people can drop off their backpacks. After this, they will be packed, and local police departments will assist with distribution to those in need. Speaking to 22News, Bob believes that something as simple as a backpack can be of great use to many people, especially the homeless. According to Bob, this backpack program seeks to help those in need and promote law enforcement in the community.

Backpacks For Life Holding Donation Drive in Verona, NJ
Backpacks For Life is running a donation drive that seeks to collect a wide variety of full-size items, including backpacks for distribution to those in need in Verona. The non-profit organization is dedicated to providing support to the homeless, at-risk veterans, and their families. The donation drive is being held until November 30. Collection bins are conveniently located at the Verona Community Center, Verona Town Hall, 880 Bloomfield Ave, and 600 Bloomfield Ave.

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